We welcome all contributions to sphinx-click.


Open and issue in the issue tracker for all support requests. StackOverflow is also worth considering.

Reporting Issues

Report all issues in the issue tracker. When doing so, please include version information for:

  • Python

  • click

  • sphinx-click

Submitting Patches

All patches should be submitted as pull requests on the GitHub project.

  • Include tests if fixing a bug

  • Clearly explain what you’re trying to accomplish

  • Follow PEP 8. You can use the pep8 tox target for this


sphinx-click uses tox and unittest for testing. To run all tests, run:

$ tox

We support a number of Python versions. To list available environments, run:

$ tox --list

To run one of these environments, such as py27 which runs tests under Python 2.7, run:

$ tox -e py27